About us

Our background is in design and architecture, we spent several years in London and across Europe working in our professions. However, at a certain point we decided to leave London and utilize our skills and passion for design, interiors and architecture in our own project. No.4 Benissa is the result of these dreams and ideas. We aimed to create a unique space that reflects the history and lifestyle of the town. With a combined wealth of knowledge and years of experience in both design and fashion, we have strived to preserve the unique style of the house in an elegant and tasteful way, whilst bringing it into this century with a wealth of modern details. Besides the interior design, we also created the branding, website and the photography. Our vision and passion for design is reflected in this modern rustic space, which we believe is a luxurious and peaceful destination with style and elegance. We are more than happy to share our knowledge about the local area with our guests, making sure everyone enjoys their time at No.4 Benissa. We offer an exclusive experience, where friendly, helpful and welcoming service, luxurious interiors, spectacular surroundings and the culture and traditions of the Costa Blanca complement each other.