An integral part of Spanish culture is the fiesta. Street celebrations usually relate to historical events from the area's vibrant history. It is a fantastic event, worth seeing and being a part of. One of the biggest fiestas in Benissa is “Christians and Moors” and relates to the historical fights between those two cultures. You will be entertained by a beautiful street parade, music, street food and drinks as well as fantastic fireworks. The other fiesta, we highly recommend is “San Juan” in Javea, just 25 minutes away. This is a festival of fire, the likes of which you will never experience anywhere else. Is it a spectacular celebration of fireworks, street fires being jumped through or over, music, drums, food and drinks. It starts at midnight and ends at 6 o’clock in the morning! It truly is an incredible night, not to be missed.

There are many other events happening all year round in either Benissa or one of the surrounding towns.

If you wish to know whether there will be anything happening during your stay, please send us an email.